Essay about A Brief Note On Forensic Anthropologist, Moli Michel

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A young pair found themselves in a bit of a dilemma, as they stumbled upon a pile of bones in Harkness Park. Shocked about they saw, decided that it was not their problem and kept walking. Two hours later, a woman lets her daughter loose to play in the park and came back with a bone. In a few minutes, cops arrived and cleared up the crime scene. Forensic Anthropologist, Moli Michel has been heading to the bottom of this investigation, in the search of whom this remains belonged to. She shall discover who the skeleton belonged to and we shall do this with the use of observations to determine the race, height, sex, age, and gender. With all the evidence that we collected up, we concluded that it was an Asian female in her late 20s to early 30s at a height of 4’5 to 4’75. How did we get to that results? I first started off by determining the sex of the deceased by measuring the pelvis. In the process of examining the pelvis, we realized that the opening of the pelvis was much larger and less obstructed. Which would make sense for it to be a female since a baby has to come through there? Next we examined the skull and we found out that the upper edge of the orbits was sharp and the shape was round not square as a male would be. Then we examined the frontal bone, which was round, and the mandible was V-shaped. After examining our pelvis and skull, it was made pretty clear that our deceased was, in fact, a female. The next step was to find out the race of our female,…

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