A Brief Note On Engineering And Civil Engineering Essay

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Introduction to Engineering: Civil Engineering My choice for the most interesting engineering discipline is Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering has 2 main sub-disciplines that I’m interested in are Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering. Studying Civil Engineering has a lot of perks money, prestige, an abundance of knowledge, creativity and the will to change others’ lives in a good way. My current job is a Civil Engineering job. I work as an inspector for a Geotechnical and Environmental Consultant Company. Working as an inspector motivated me to want to learn about what do and why it is very important.
Structural Engineering is a very interesting Sub-discipline if Civil Engineering. Structural engineers deal mostly with designing buildings, bridges, towers etc. and how to make them structurally sound. This is what I like about Structural Engineers; they design structures that prevent the loss of life, while keeping the average human being comfortable. Mark C. Zweig says in this article “Structural engineering is an honorable profession, if you have to work, you might as well do something that is really needed, where you help people, help save lives and protect both community and private assets.”(Zweig, 2012) Zweig states exactly why I want to choose Civil/Structural Engineering as my main course of studies. The engineering field is needed; you help people, help save lives and protect the community around you. With Engineering comes the money and Prestige.…

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