A Brief Note On East Asian Politics And East Asia Essay

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Researching about East Asian politics, the first step is apprehending definitions. The word “East Asian politics” means politics in East Asia and “East Asia” contents: China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. According to O’Neil Politics is “the struggle in any group for power that will give one or more persons the ability to make decisions for the larger group” (O’Neil 2010). Consequently, analyzing East Asian politics is examining the struggle for power or in other word ruling state in East Asian region that require to find out regime of each state. Communist one-party system was one of type of state’s form, which had a significant influence through out cold war era and still maintain contemporarily. Communist one-party system include two part “Communist” and “one-party”; “Communist” was a word that point at people who support Communism – a theory was developed from Socialism (Heywood 2007a). Enlightenment was an era of science and new ideas from seventeenth century to eighteen century, shift people from believing in religious’ dogmas to reason (Stanford 2015) Modernity, which was born after Enlightenment period, inherited human rational idea and became an era of ideologies (Schwarzmantel 1998). Socialism reflected a fruit of modernity tree when had the same principle about human reason. However, Socialism promoted collectivism: common ownership, cooperation and equality, differed from Liberalism that inclined toward individualism (Heywood 2007 b). From the ground of…

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