A Brief Note On E Waste And Mining Waste Essay

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Throughout the years, humanity has faced many problems and challenges. It began with the first human wanting to lift things up and to travel to other places. People started to use their mind to create things and to build machines. As life went on, they surely solved some problems, but created more complex ones! No one can deny the benefits of the new industrial and technological advances; it not only enabled us to obtain gold and other metals from deep in the ground, but also to fly high in the sky. All of this ingenuity, however, comes with certain drawbacks that need to be fixed or improved upon. One drawback in particular is the disposal of ‘industrial waste.’ In this paper, we will be tackling two of the most important sources of industrial waste: E-waste and mining waste.
With the development of technology in our everyday life, people tend to own more novel and advanced electronic appliances, discarding the old ones. It is estimated that each year the discarded electronics worldwide weigh about 50 million metric tons; over 9.4 million tons of them are generated in the U.S. (2012). [1] According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), it is estimated that by 2020 the number of domestic television E-waste will double, computer E-waste will increase five times, and cell phones 18 times than the current statistics. [5] From here, rises the big question: “where do all of these appliances go?”
Scientifically speaking, these discarded electronics are called…

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