A Brief Note On Driverless Car Market And Driverless Cars Essay

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Imagine a world where licenses were nothing but a plastic card. A day where permits and licenses are no longer needed. This new age has come faster than most people expected because driverless cars are here. People thought “Transformers” was just a movie but now, can it be a reality?
Although not all cars will be controlled by itself, driverless vehicles will be both autonomous and man powered, they will soon advance to where they are completely autonomous.The day of man-powered vehicles is coming to an end.

Used more in the Future? The article “Driverless car market” by Hars about the driverless car market. It also explains the growth of these autonomous vehicles could put an end to the standard man driven vehicles. Also, since these cars designed not to crash, businesses like AllState’s insurance business will get disrupted.This article will answer “How can a robotic car be programmed yet hacked to kill its passengers and how can we prevent it? In the article by driverlessuser, they speak about how these new cars will disrupt the company AllState. The article states “Other potential technological changes, such as driverless cars or technologies that facilitate ride or home sharing could disrupt the demand for our products from current customers, create coverage issues or impact the frequency or severity of losses, and we may not be able to respond effectively.” What this means is that the company 's sales are going to suffer a lot until they come up with a plan to…

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