Essay A Brief Note On Discrimination Against Aboriginal People

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Discrimination Against Aboriginal People In Canada:
The Fight Isn’t Over The lives of the Aboriginal people in Canada have never been the same since European settlers unjustifiably stole their native land right from under their feet. Life for Aboriginal people will always be affected by the European colonization of Canada, and discrimination against the first nations community still exists to this day. Canadian history is still impacting the Aboriginal population, including the missing and murdered Aboriginal women, and the discrimination in government and law. Some may argue that all discrimination against Aboriginal people has dissipated over the past decade or so, but many incidents and studies show that this discrimination is alive and well in Canada. Canada has falsely deemed themselves an extremely tolerant and accepting country, however; there is plenty of research to contradict that sentiment. When the first settlers sailed into aboriginal territory, the majority of native tribes were welcoming to the Europeans. Many treaties were made to help keep peace between the communities, but as the European colonization progressed, conditions for First Nations became worse. Since most agreements between the Europeans and the Aboriginals were spoken-word, it was not hard for the settlers to go back on their promises (Tunstall 1). They began forcing the Aboriginal communities off their land and onto reservations. These reservations were known to have substandard housing and…

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