A Brief Note On Diabetes And Diabetes Risk Essay

871 Words Dec 15th, 2016 4 Pages
I’ve learned so much about diabetes that I didn’t know before. The main reason I wanted to know more about this disease is because recently my dad was diagnosed and his father died from complications so I’m curious to know if I’m at risk. Prior to researching, I understood the condition but not in detail. I knew diabetes was a condition the involved difficulty with maintaining blood sugar and insulin levels but I’ve always wondered what the cause actually was. I was also amazed to find that there are treatments other prescription medication available. Although I haven’t been tested, I now know what symptoms to look for as well as how to manage them. Overall, researching really enlightened my knowledge of diabetes. When it comes to diabetes, I’ve always wondered what the risk factors were other than diet and weight. According to the book, genetics and physical actively play a major role in diabetes risk. That explains how my grandfather contracted the disease. Although he was once physically active, his poor diet may have contributed to the complications. As for my dad, his occupation is physically demanding so physical activity is not an issue. His diet is quite balanced so that couldn’t have been a likely factor. Having more knowledge of diabetes, I can presume the cause was genetic. Therefore it’s possible that I my risk could be due to genetics as well. Thus, I’m further interested in getting tested. As far as getting tested, I never knew that there were many ways to do…

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