A Brief Note On Culture And Body Image Essay

1586 Words Nov 22nd, 2015 7 Pages
In the past month, I have researched three articles dealing with culture and body image. This topic remains vital in today’s age for it has dangerous effects and outcomes. People tend to strive to do their best to be socially accepted even when it came to dangerous measure. Not only not being accepted, a few are bullied and judge for how they look, which is not right for people to do. The controversy intended for this topic is to stop others from aiming to look and be like someone else. Also for people to stop trying to force them to be like anyone else. I don’t have a personal experience with my own body image, but my brother. When he stood around ten or eleven, he began to eat more and it showed. He was constantly picked on about his weight. My brother would just accept it and be sad all the time and just stay in his room. He never stood up for himself, but I always did for him and would threaten the boys that I would beat them up. Even though we weren’t close, I still protected him. He soon tried to constrain himself to throw up. I caught him one time and told him that it wasn’t right to do that. I told him I would support him anyway possible to lose the weight if he truly wanted to, but not to proceed in a dangerous direction where he was heading. He agreed. Soon after he started high school, and that was when he made a smart and healthy adjustment to his daily life. He commenced to exercise and run everyday. He also watched what he ate and even joined the cross…

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