A Brief Note On Crossing A Cultural Border Essay

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Crossing a Cultural Border The 21st century consists of many people crossing paths with different cultures. Nowadays, seeing people from different races and ethnicities is very common. People are exploring the world, traveling to different places, and grabbing different elements in life. A cultural border can be defined as the intersection of some sort of cultural difference. A journey of moving from one continent to another and to a different background truly is interesting.
I had wanted to study abroad since I was fourteen years old. With that dream being inside my head for a very long time, I finally managed to do just that. In the year 2015, I applied to different universities, one of which was the university of California, Davis. The moment I got an acceptance letter from the university, I knew that my dream was about to come true. At the end of my high school senior year, I thought I had prepared myself for what I was about to come across, but in reality I had not. A week from my graduation date, I flew 8,135 miles away from home. I spent sixteen hours sitting in an airplane to arrive in Davis, California. The adrenaline I had was above the sky limits.
Exiting San Francisco International Airport in the month of June marked the moment I stepped into a new journey of my life. Every day I went out to explore Davis, the city I was about to live in. I came across different kinds of people. Some treated me nicely, while others were extremely rude. Some had tattoos while…

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