A Brief Note On Cross Infection Control Standards Essay

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Sampling the microbial content of the environment is a recommended practice for hospitals and clinics. Information obtained by environmental sampling has great value in the evaluation of problems relating to housekeeping procedures, disinfectants, air distribution and filtering, traffic control and the influence of specific equipment on environmental contamination. The purpose of this practical is to assess the effectiveness of some cross-infection control measures commonly used in clinical dentistry. Cross-infection control standards are put in place to eliminate or reduce the number and quantity of infectious agents in the oral health practice environment; and prevent the transmission of infectious agents from any person within the practice ("Infection Prevention and Control Practice Standard", 2016).
We will look at how does contamination levels vary in different parts of the dental school(non-clinical), and if dental clinics(clinical) have fewer micro-organisms present than other parts of the dental school because of the cross infection control protocols put in place for clinical dentistry. Along with cross infection control we will also test the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a surgical mask and if this prevents the transmission of microorganisms through aerosols or droplets. In this practical, you will see that the implemented cross-infection protocols do help to lower the spread of microorganism in a clinical environment as…

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