A Brief Note On Criminology And Criminal Justice Research Essay

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Knowledge is endless and I 'm lucky to be able to say I only know such a small percent but continue to find out more each day. This class has really been intriguing to me, because I am able to learn outside of class and there are so many resources available. I love reading the assigned articles, watching the videos, and exploring the websites. I 'm going to do this essay a little different than the last and write in categories and what I learned in each. I 'm going to start with the articles, then the book, and then the videos, each having something important to say or to point out. Each part contains vital information, and within each section will be all the new things I have obtained within reading and watching each section.
The articles contained very dense information, but very knowledgeable. In the first one, "Criminology and Criminal Justice Research: Methods - Quantitative Research Methods" it describes that there is one dependent and one independent, and that the dependent variable is commonly referred to as the outcome variable, it 's what the researcher is trying to predict to happen, and what the independent variable will do to it. It states that many criminologists are interested in the relationship between impulse and criminal behavior. This is just one of the many topics that they research, I found this very interesting because I have not thought about the criminologists point of view and what they have to do, and how much research goes into each and every…

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