A Brief Note On Crime Television Show That I Watched Essay

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Houda Ouardi CRJU 3000-1
Crime Television Show
The crime television show that I watched was a Moroccan one. The offender in this show was a homicide detective. When the show first started, the detective was a widow who had a daughter that was 12 years old. The offender was 43 years old at this time. He got married at 28 years old to girl whom he grew up with and loved unconditionally. About three years later, the couple had their first child, Selma. Six years later, the offender caught his wife cheating on him with another man. He ended up murdering his wife but didn’t get caught until seven years later. His position, experience and knowledge of how to not leave evidence behind left everyone in despair of who murdered his wife. Right after the murder of his wife, the offender moved cities and applied to work for another investigation unit so he could start a new life and leave his past behind. When he moved he eventually formed new co- workers and his daughter made new friends as well. The offender seemed to love his daughter and was very over protective of her. He seemed like a family man and home came first. He focus was on raising his daughter and working. He didn’t date, marriage was not on his mind anymore and he would always avoid speaking of women and relationships when his friends brought them up in conversations. The story they he gave when his co- workers asked him about how his wife died and as to what happened, he would always tell them that she had cancer…

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