A Brief Note On Crime And Justice Research Essay

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Research is conducted for a wide variety of reasons, Kraska and Neuman defines crime and justice research as a collection of social science methods applied systematically to generate knowledge about crime and justice phenomena (Kraska & Neuman, 2012). Although their definition pertains to crime and justice, it can also be applied to research in general at its most basic level in that research is conducted to generate new knowledge, or offer a solution to an existing problem (Kraska & Neuman, 2012). It is imperative that research, when conducted, is done in an ethical manner. Just as there are rules and regulations that guide everyday activities in society, the same applies to research regardless of the discipline or research study. Ethics as it relates to research refers to rules of conduct for researchers to follow when carrying out all stages of research (Behi & Nolan, 1995). Ethical considerations are vital to all research studies because of the moral obligation researchers have to participants in order for the research to be accepted by peers, the scientific community, and society (Behi & Nolan, 1995). Researchers who conduct research on human subjects have a moral obligation to research participants by ensuring integrity, privacy, anonymity and/or confidentiality is given to all research participants (Behi & Nolan, 1995). In research, integrity plays a major role in all phases of research. Researchers must strictly adhere to all of the guidelines that have been…

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