A Brief Note On Costa Rica And Public Health Care Essay

2340 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 10 Pages
I came from Costa Rica, where everybody has access to private or public health care. Costa Rica is one of the few countries in Latin America that offers universal coverage, and it is an achievement that is sustained in a financing strategy based upon the contributions of workers, employers, and the State (Sáenz, Bermúdez, and Acosta 7). I used to get access to health care when I needed it, I had an ambulatory surgery and I did not pay anything for it. Also, if I was outside of my district (state). I could go to any other hospital to get medical attention. Now that I am living in the U.S, I struggle with having access to health care. Costa Rica is a middle income country that provides healthcare to people, whereas the U.S is one developed country. Even so, having health insurance is a difficult for U.S citizens because of the high cost of health insurance offered by the private companies. How possible is it to see a doctor or get treated when it costs thousands of dollars? It seems that there is a trade between money and the cure. However, the problem is that low income people have more risk to die than people who can pay for treatment. Healthcare should not be correlated with money instead of the government should provide an affordable health care for every American.
While awareness of the health insurance marketplaces continues to increase among the uninsured, affordability remains an issue of why adults do not get covered. Although Obama Care has decreased the number of…

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