A Brief Note On Coronary Heart Disease And The Coronary Artery Disease

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Coronary Heart disease or as it can be also called coronary artery disease or Atherosclerosis is when there is the plaque that builds up in the coronary arteries. There are many different ways that smoking can cause coronary artery disease, avid smokers show signs of increased blood pressure, most do not have a very good tolerance for exercise, and also increases the chances of blood clots. Many who have had bypass surgery for this disease and continue to smoke after increase their risk of CAD reoccurring. Most smokers below the age of 50 have a advanced risk of getting CAD although, those above 50 do not. Surprisingly contraceptives take orally by women that smoke also increase their chances greatly compared to those who do not smoke. HDL or high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) is decreased while smoking. Lastly, if family history shows a long history of CAD there is always an increased risk for those people as well. As for genetics for CAD, it would, obviously, depend on family history. If one 's family has a history of CAD many researchers have found 40-60 % have inherited it, in this paper, we are speaking of the consequences of smoking leading to CAD so as for that one would have more of a probability getting CAD is one is a smoker and had CAD in previous family members. Coronary Artery Disease is not a bacteria or virus and is also non-infectious, it is simply when arteries become hardened and narrow caused by a buildup of cholesterol or also called plaque.…

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