Essay A Brief Note On Chronic And Or Critical Illness

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Chronic and or critical illness brings about a significant degree of disruption in any individuals’ life, which may bring about pain not only from physiological aspect but also emotional, spiritual, mental, and financial. It is the time when a patient might ask him or herself, “Why this is happening to me?” and reach out to God or find themselves denouncing everything they believed prior to this devastation, which may include God (O’Brien, 2013). It is a critical period in that person’s life not only from the standpoint of physical health but their entire wellbeing, encompassing spirituality, mental, and financial health. This is the time a nurse can utilize his or her skills to support that patient not only addressing their physiological needs but tend to them as a whole person. In this paper I will address the following four items: (a) my faith traditions response as related to critically and chronically ill people, (b) spiritual need of a client, (c) spiritual and religious resources hospital should have as a way to support patient spiritual needs, and (d) humility as a teachable moment will be discussed.
Growing up in a Baptist family and having a strong foundation in Christianity my faith has taught me not to question things that God gives us, but instead accept what is given. Through out my life I have experienced ups and downs and found myself asking those precise questions, however I have never undergone critical or chronic illness. Thus, although I am not able to…

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