A Brief Note On Child Labor And Education Essay

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1. Describe and contrast some of the atrocities that children are facing in the various countries (choose two)

The atrocities that I will approach are child labor and education, between the two counties Greece and France. Greece and the urge of child labor seem to be quite important to their people. According to (Children’s Right: International and National Law and Practice) children between the ages 14 and 19 are allowed to work hourly paying jobs in order to help their families. Most hold jobs in agriculture, fishing, car mechanics and construction. Children between the ages 3and15 are forced work for free economic or migrants or traffic light. Statistics says there are approximately 80,000 minors working in Greece (Children’s Right: International and National Law and Practice). Child labor in France is a lot different than Greece. According to the outside reading No child under the age 18 should be hired to work in dangerous conditions (Children’s Right: International and National Law and Practice). However, children who are enrolled in certain apprenticeship programs starting at the age 14. Additionally, when it comes to the armed forced the child must be 17 or 16 if going to military school must provide written consent from parents. There is not really in harm in child labor that is done by the country of France because they are not allowing their children to work at such an early age.
Education in Greece is placed secondly on the list of priories in this country it…

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