A Brief Note On Canadian Ymca Federation And The United States

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YMCA is a charitable organization with a mandate to provide healthier lifestyle and opportunities equally to all of is beneficiaries. Although YMCA was founded in June 1844 in London by George Williams, the Canadian presence of YMCA came into being in 1851, making YMCA Canada a 165 years old organization. Today, YMCA has a footprint in 125 countries with over 57 million beneficiaries.
From the start YMCA grew very rapidly due to its core principles that were based upon Muscular Christianity. YMCAs engaged in charitable activities through providing athletic activities, holding programs and classes, assisting young men and women find affordable places to stay during the industrialized revolution. All of this fueled the growth of the local YMCAs and they quickly became an integral part of local societies.

In 1855 YMCA delegates met in Paris, France to enhance the cooperation by creating YMCA federations in the participating countries. The outcome of this meeting was the creation of World Alliance of YMCAs.

Canadian YMCA Federation, also a part of the World Alliance of YMCAs, is made up of 48 members from across Canada with a common directive to advance the health and well-being of Canadians, with a special focus on children, teens and young adults. YMCA has 1,700 locations across Canada and 51,000 staff and volunteers. They have 2.1 million members and have provided financial assistance of $37.24MM to 265,000 Canadians (2). YMCA organizes events such as “YMCA Healthy Kids…

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