A Brief Note On Blue Cross The Vision Statement Essay

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Blue cross the vision statement it does not affordable. The vision statement, promise to be members’ trusted the partner by providing affordable, innovative products that improve their care and health. The values right choices, to offer valuable coverage, and help you get quality health care for you and for those you love. The value is Michigan residents access to reasonably price, quality health care, and to improve the health of Michigan’s people, communities, economy and health care system.
1. Do does define the organizations ' products and services in the markets in which it competes? No, it is not specified for the company.
2. Does it communicate where the company is and where it 's going? Yes, increases the access, the quality and improve the health.
3. Does it define an expressed concern for his key stakeholders? Yes, improve health care and right choose and quality.
4. Don 't motivate employees and reflect actual daily practice? Yes, the health values.
5. Does it touch of the organization 's commitment to economic objectives? Yes, service, quality, and quality effective economic object.
6. Does it incorporate organizations values? No, they are different inventive and affordable.
7. Does it reveal what competitive advantage distinguishes this organization of its competitors? Yes, throughout innovative and provides.
8. Does it suggest the level and nature of the organization social commitment? relate to their vision. Yes, highly valuable.
1. Does…

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