A Brief Note On Benjamin Franklin Butler And The Civil War Essay

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Imagine fighting for a great cause, not only for your country but for your own race! African Americans fought for both the Confederates and the Union. Some of these African Americans were former slaves, others were African Americans who wanted to abolish (or get rid of) slavery. Over 180,000 African Americans served in the Civil War. Many however, were not recognized after the war ended. At the time when the Civil War occurred there were over 4 million slaves in the south. The Union fought to unite the divided country and to free the slaves. The south fought for independence and to decide the future of the southern slavery. In this paper we will look at 2 amazing stories of troubles, sorrows, and triumphs of these brave soldiers.
Benjamin Franklin Butler was an unlikely general. At a first glance many would not realize he would have a big impact in the Civil War. Benjamin was bald, overweight, and crosseyed. His uniform was also covered in dirt and many stains. Benjamin was from Massachusetts. Before he was a general he was a Democratic Congressman. In fact he was a Democratic Congressman when Fort Sumter surrendered. He was appointed general by a Brigadier general in the state militia. After being general he quickly became one of the best known figures in the nation at the time. Even though he fought for the Union he became good friends with the Confederate president Jefferson Davis. When the Confederates were about to attack the national capital, Benjamin was called to…

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