A Brief Note On Becoming A Physician? Essay

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Please share a meaningful experience you have had working or volunteering in the health professional field or a time in your past in which you were responsible for the care and well-being of someone else. What did you learn from this as it relates to becoming a physician? (Limit: 350 words)

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Down the emergency room hallway, a man was weeping in his bed. Nurses, emergency medicine technicians, and even physicians, strolled past this man without the slightest regard for his presence. As I approached this man, I noticed his eyes. Swollen and red, as if he had been crying since I arrived to my volunteer shift an hour prior. I offered him a blanket or water and he refused both. Walking away, he began to weep again and I felt so helpless. Surely there was something I could do for this man. As I entered the waiting room to restock wheelchairs, I overheard an older woman and her daughter pleading to see a loved one. Immediately I returned to the nurse’s station, explained the situation, and hoped she would allow his family members back to see him. She called the family members as I awaited to see them reunited with the man. The minute the women turned the corner, he grinned from ear to ear, laughing and thanking me nonstop. While I never met this family prior to this moment, a sense of pure joy and understanding overcame me.
The principle of understanding a patient beneath the surface, as well as their illness or injury, has the potential to make a lasting…

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