A Brief Explanation Of What Occurred On September 30, 1996 Essay

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This paper will give a brief explanation of what occurred on March 30, 1996. The date was eventful for many reasons. There were many issues going on in the world at this time and this paper will take a look at four separate but interesting events. The first issue we will discuss is the President of the United States trying to change policy on the distribution of new cancer pills; the president wants to speed up the process. Secondly, it will cover a big ladies’ college basketball game between two rival schools, the University of Connecticut Huskies (UConn/Lady Huskies) and the University of Tennessee (Lady Volunteers). Next, we will discuss a famous novel that was written in 1996 by the name of The Notebook; which has since turned into one of the great love stories. Lastly, comparing the 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe to the current truck we see today. It’s been 20 years and there have been many new advances in the vehicles.

President Clinton in 1996 Seeking Help for Cancer Cancer has grown, spread and in 1996 is the leading cause of death in the United States of America. President Clinton is trying to speed up the process to get cancer drugs out to the patients who are suffering from this terrible disease. The Clinton administration is trying to influence the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) because the approval process is so lengthy and they hold the drugs a long time before allowing them to be distributed and keeping them from the people who need them. Cancer is such a…

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