A Brief Description Of The Conflict Essays

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Task 1: Background information - enter a brief description of the conflict including the setting. I’m in an online class and have been assigned to work with 8 other people in a group project. Once I get the assignment I’m so nervous and confused because this is my first group project. I did not sleep well that night. I have heard horror stories about working in groups online. At this time I was taking five class to get a certificate and didn’t need any added stress or conflict from anyone else. I made the Dean list last semester and I was working toward a 4.0 GPA during this time.

Task 2: Identify the parties involved (including their specific roles) in the conflict All of the people in this group assignment were females. The names are not real. Alisha, Shelby, Peggy, Sarah, Diane, Tracy, Dinah, and Vernell (myself). Shelby was concerned because this was her first online group project and kept sending negative message that she could not do this. We reassured her that things would go well. How can I reassure someone when I’m a wreck myself? Somehow, I was able to encourage her and finally she was ok with the project.

Task 3: Determine what the main goal should be and provide outcome statements for each party involved in the conflict. The main goal was the group were given 20 questions to divide among ourselves for each assignment. There would be six assignments in all. We decided we would take 2 question and ask for volunteers to divide the other four questions. We were to…

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