Essay on A Brave New World

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Brave New World: The use of mass media and propaganda

The society is determined by the nature of people within it and how they relate. The influence of external factors like religion, politics, and technology contribute a lot to the structure and development of the society. In the novel Brave New World, the concept of social media and propaganda are explicitly expressed through various accounts. The author has used the influence of social media to bring a deeper understanding of how various characters, decisions, and acts are influenced. Social media in the novel act as a channel through which propaganda is manifested. Social power and influence is an attribute of propaganda that is directed through the masses via social media. Hence,
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Brave New World explores the how the society is split into five cases with few minor difference between them. The influence of social media has been used to bring out the difference between these five societies castes.
Every society is pre-determined by their status and social values. The world state leaders have used technology in this case the social media to address the difference and promote propaganda that has caused a huge rift between the five castes. The government has spread propaganda concerning the social class expressing how different the Alphas, Beta, Gamma, Deltas, and Epsilons are different. They have used the social media technology to gain stability and control of the society. Social classes differentiate the various castes, with those inferior serving the upper class believed to be superior to the rest. The government has imprisoned the citizen of Brave New World and provides them with wrong information. They are brainwashing them on the true value and meaning of happiness. The cost of happiness in the novel is costly, and the government confines in the mind of its citizen propaganda concerning their right to be happy.
Social media has been used to enforce violence laws to the people. In the novel Brave New World the use of technology such as social media to convey information and dictate the government has helped in

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