A Brave New World Essay

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A Brave New World
In this perfect society, where one is stripped away of what makes you an individual, you are programmed at birth to act and think a certain way, and be who the state tells you to be. In A Brave New World there is a complete detachment and absence of the family, and ultimately everything is handled by the State and its 10 World Controllers.

In this world, there are no longer individual countries, and the planet is united and turned into the one World State. This is governed by ten world controllers, who are headquartered in 10 key cities. In this world, the State controls just about everything, even the sports and games that the citizens are allowed to play. The World State’s motto, “Community. Identity. Stability.”, emphasizes the importance of the group as a whole and in result the unimportance of the individual. One of the major things that the state controls are how the citizens are brought into the world. Citizens born into this World State are created artificially in laboratories, as opposed to a biological mother. “Bokanovsky’s Process is one of the major instruments of social stability.” (4) Bokanovsky’s Process is where you are essentially making up to ninety-six human beings grow where only one grew before. While in the years before this new world this could be viewed as strange and wrong, they view it as progress and embrace its results. The operations that are undergone are essentially done for the good of the society; social stability being…

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