A Brave Man 's Blood Is The Best Thing On This Earth Essay example

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“A brave man’s blood is the best thing on this earth when a woman is in trouble” (page 138). This quote, coming from the famous novel Dracula, captures the message Bram Stoker creates in the novel about the roles of men and women. In the story, solicitor and nobleman Jonathan Harker is invited to Castle Dracula to finish a real estate transaction. He quickly becomes unsettled during his travels due to warnings, crucifixes, and charms given to him by local peasants. Yet, the mission continues, and he goes on through the many disconcerting obstacles to reach the residence, only to realize a few days later that he is now a prisoner of the castle. Simultaneously, his fiance, Mina Murray’s, friend Lucy becomes a victim of Dracula., and doctors Seward and Van Helsing diagnose and attempt to treat her. Yet, to no avail. Lucy joins the undead. Upon Harker’s return he marries Mina and joins forces with the others. After Mina becomes victim to the vampire, the men devise a plan to make Dracula flee back to his homeland, and destroy him in the end. In this horror novel, Stoker takes advantage of the main character Mina Murray to represent the contrast taking place during the nineteenth century between the bold, progressive women who wanted to change society, and the typical ladies who complied with civilization’s rules.

Fairly soon after her introduction, Mina makes it evident that she sympathizes with the “New Women” of England. That is, the progressive women of the nineteenth…

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