A Brand By Any Other Name Essay

898 Words Dec 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Monkey See, Monkey Do When you try new things it’s because something or someone somewhere brought the idea to your mind, or else how would you know it was new if they hadn’t? Our everyday lives are influenced by new ideas and concepts. If it wasn’t for advertising we would be able to speak or walk. Since our adolescences, previous generations have been advertising these new concepts to us and we bought into it. We see everyone else has it or doing it and we just got to try it for ourselves. Advertisers know this and they thrive on it, literally. I am a part of a very self-aware generation. In his description of Douglas Rushkoff’s article, “A Brand by Any Other Name”, Gary Goshgarian states, “In many ways, brands are a nonverbal language that communicates something about the values of a user” (Goshgarian 383). Social media is a way for us to express ourselves online, even if it’s a façade, and we do the same offline through the brands we purchase in hopes they say something about us we aren’t capable of presenting ourselves. So to say that advertisements doesn’t influence the way i purchase items would be a lie. But what makes me want to buy the product being advertised? Is it the influence by peers, is it wanting to be a part of some social status or cultural pressure? I just want to create myself to be an advertisement of my own. As a teen, in school I was always aware of my place in the feeding frenzy. I wasn’t at the top of the food chain nor was I at the bottom. To be…

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