Essay on A Boy Ready Up Of The Shadow

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A boy ready to step out of the shadow, a brother whose legacy engulfed him, and a school yearning to finally bring home their championship. Anybody that followed high school basketball around these parts could paint a picture of the Edwards boys. Their story wasn’t unheard of, but that doesn’t make it any less special. They grew up together, played together, trained together, ate together, and won together. Kyle, the younger brother, didn’t necessarily aspire to be like his sibling like so many tales we hear. In fact, he wanted to be better. If his brother ran fast, he wanted to run faster. If his brother trained hard, he wanted to train harder. If his brother scored a game winning shot, he’d promise himself he’d never even let the game get close enough to be in that situation. As Kyle grew he knew he’d want to focus on basketball, just as his brother had, and his family wanted to help him on this journey. ‘They supported the fact that I wanted to play basketball, but they focused on by upbringing as a young man more than anything’, Kyle said. So that’s they did. Once they instilled what it meant to be a man in his early life, he focused on his training and school work, and after every drill had been practiced, every sprint had been run, every play worked out in his mind like clockwork, he was ready to take his shot at immortality. Kyle grew up unlike a lot of kids do these days. Playing with friends outside in pickup basketball games, or throwing around a football in the…

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