A Boy Little Lad Was Born On The Small Scottish Island Of Raasay

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In the year 1816, a screaming little lad was born on the small scottish island of Raasay. His name was James McKenzie and he is my great-great-great-grandfather. At a young age he and his family sailed across the ocean to Prince Edward Island, Canada. He grew tall and strong and married the love of his life, Anne Martin. On March 17, 1860 a kicking firstborn son named, Norman James McKenzie was born to the happy couple. Norman lived on Prince Edward Island for 20 years, then set out for the golden streets of America. He stayed with his sister Effie, and her husband, Neil Campbell just outside the wee little town of Pingree, North Dakota. Restless and hungry for adventure, he began a journey to the west coast. He moved slowly, working construction for the State Penitentiary farm one winter, as a smelter another, and eventually in the orange groves of california. Finally, he met his west coast darling, Maud Foster. In 1892, 32 year-old Norman aid his vows and tied the knot with Maud. The couple was blessed with three daughters before packing up in 1898, and making the arduous journey back to Pingree, North Dakota. They took up residence on a claim that had been abandoned after the previous owner was widowed. To this day, the homestead has not been owned by anyone outside of the McKenzie family. Norman had very little formal schooling throughout his life, but he kept himself well read and up to date on politics and government. I have no pictures, but the…

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