A Bottle And Peter Gleick 's Selling Bottled Water Essay

1692 Words Nov 18th, 2014 null Page
Cynthia Barnett’s Business in a Bottle and Peter Gleick’s Selling Bottled Water both claim the bottled water industry has convinced the general public that bottled water is more beneficial for them than tap water. However, it is Gleick’s argument in Selling Bottled Water drastically expands on the heavily qualified evidence Barnett presents in Business in a Bottle: Barnett’s opitimism seems to seep into her argument in which she argues that bottled water has simply put out effective advertising and our government is trying to do the right thing in regards to regulation. Yet, when looking at Gleick’s evidence, you can see see how his argument extends the evidence presented by Barnett to widen the frame to show a much darker more accurate picture of consumer manipulation, with media sensationalism; false adveritising, with false claims about water’s benefits and false slogans; as well as the failures of government regulation, with how they approach the problem of false advertising in the bottled water industry.
Business in a Bottle claims that the bottled water industry has expanded based on random happenstance and good advertising. However, Gleick extends this argument by providing us more evidence and moving beyond the few examples that false advertising and fear mongering, showing us that it is not simply happenstance and good advertising, but manipulation and coercion that have brought up the industry. So why did the water bottle industry explode? Barnett gives us a…

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