Essay about A Book Report On A Video Trailer About The Book

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It was my junior year or high school, the birds were chirping and the sun was shining. It was a Friday and everyone was excited for the weekend. My friend Greg and I were in history with Mrs. Peterson and the bell was about to ring.
“Can’t wait to game it up” Greg said as he waited anxiously for the bell to ring.
“Me too were going to play all night” I said as I reply to Greg.
While we wait for the bell to ring Mrs. Peterson had some announcements before we left.
“Okay class” she said, “we have a class project” Mrs. Peterson continued, “This project will be on a book report you will have to write an essay and make a video trailer about the book.”
As Mrs. Peterson continued to explain the project, Greg and I were too busy think and talking about the video games.
“Beep” the bell went as it rang continuously.
“Time to get out of here” Greg and I said happy and excited to go home.
As we walked home from school Greg mentioned.
“Did you pay attention to what Mrs. Peterson said” Greg asked having no clue what Mrs. Peterson had said.
“Nope”, I replied “Nothing important I hope”
Little did I know that it would be the death of Greg and I. As the days went on, we finally figured out what it was that Mrs. Peterson had said, but the video games sound much sweeter. The days continued on and on and on with still no work done and alone lots of play. The day finally arrived when the project was due with only but the whooshing sound of an empty train of thought.
“What are we going…

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