Essay about A Book Of A Song Of Ice And Fire

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The first book of a song of ice and fire starts with the return of The Others. Others are undead from the north that had not been seen in a thousand years. The others returning signals that winter is coming. In the world of A Song of Ice and Fire the seasons last for years and the Others mean that the long summer is coming to an end. To defend the realm against the dangers of the north a massive wall was built. To defend The Wall the Night’s Watch was formed. The Nights Watch is a group of Men who have sworn themselves to service on the wall and their sole purpose is to defend the realms of men. The wall is located at the northern boundary of the land of Westeros. In Westeros, there are many grate houses which represent the upper class of their society this paper focuses on members from just two of these houses Jon Snow the bastard son of Ned Stark Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, and Samuel Tarly the first son of Randyll Tarly Lord of Horn Hill. These two characters are of great importance to the storylines in A Song of Ice and Fire but they also show how courage can manifests it’s self in different ways. For member of the Night’s Watch courage is the difference between life and death. The dangers that lie north of the wall mean that if you flee from a fight you will surely parish alone in the wilderness. This is where courage truly come in to play for the brothers of the Night’s Watch they are forced to face their fears or die. The strongest from of courage is…

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