Essay on A Book Named Between The World And Me

1257 Words Apr 29th, 2016 null Page
This semester I read a book named Between the World and Me. The author wrote lots of events and details about a large number of African Americans were hurt or killed by police officers. It reminds me of once demonstration in November 2014. The cause of this demonstration was two young black men named Eric Garner and Michael Brown without arms were killed by American police officers. People took to the streets to express their sadness and indignation because the police officers took two black people’ lives away without prosecuted. The J.D. candidate from Yale Law School named Sommers Roseanna asserts that “A writer for Time magazine observed, ‘To many, a camera on Wilson’s uniform would have ended the uncertainty and potentially avoided the subsequent tumult that engulfed the St. Louis suburb’” (Sommers 1308). After this kind of tragedy, citizens are aware of that the police officers use force overly are a serious problem in the U.S. More and more citizens require the U.S. police officers wear body cameras when they are working. Although some people think the U.S police officers are not necessary to use body cameras. For controls and supervise the U.S. police officers use force overly to arrest suspects, the U.S. police officers should use body camera when they are enforcing the laws. Because using a body camera not only can supervise and reduce police use violence unnecessarily, increase the credibility of the police officers, but also can provide more useful and objective…

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