A Book ' Caught My Eyes The Secret Was The Title By Rhonda Bryne

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Ever wondered what this law of attraction is? Well the answer for this question is most probably a no, assuming so now let me tell you my story how I stumbled upon this law. Being an engineering student all that I ever wondered was about my exams, marks and placements which represented my limited thought process until very recently I happened to read a book. Now do not consider me a great nerd,well as a part of my English assignment I was asked to read a book and write a review for my internal marks. Little did I know that this book would change the way I think and indirectly the way I live. Bunking my math class, scanning through the huge Jain library one book caught my eyes THE SECRET was the title by the author Rhonda Bryne. Having issued the book, the very fact that it was brightly colored with a mysterious title I happen to scan through the book with utter excitement. As soon as I reached my door step,ran to my room closed the door and began to read the book. Now it was no more for the sake of assignment! The reason why I have started to write this blog was not a give a book review but to increase the awareness of this beautiful law which is itself the very reason for our existence. I just want Rhonda ma’am to succeed in her mission of spreading the awareness of this law to increase the quality of life led by all of us. Blogging is one of the ways through which I can contribute a little to her vision. There are a hundreds of blogs which would convey what law of…

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