A Book About The Worldwide Garment Industry Essay

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It will be two years next month since I have seen you and 5 years since my first trip to Nicaragua. As a high school sophomore I was lucky enough to travel to Nicaragua to a rural village in four hours Northeast of Managua, as I have told you before. Upon my arrival I have seen the unwavering hospitality of the Nicaraguan people and their enormous hearts. My time in Nicaragua has also challenged me to think about my privilege simply having been born in the US and some of the realities of third world poverty. My stay with your family was a life changing experience for me. While I remember my time with you fondly and often, I am thinking about you under different circumstances. For my class on globalization I am reading a book about the worldwide garment industry. The premise being that most of the industrialized nations in the world outsourced their labor to countries where wages are much lower. The book outlines the working conditions and lives of garment workers in Honduras, Bangladesh, Cambodia, and China. They are some of the top countries that produce clothing for Americans. I look in my closet and see similar labels on my clothing.
While reading about the author’s time in Honduras I was reminded of your situation and the situation of most of the people in San Pedro who are employed at garment factories. While I never visited your work, I remember hearing you at 5:30AM leaving to catch the bus and I waiting for you to get home close to 7PM so that I could practice my…

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