A Book About Learning Hacks Essay

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Learning Hacks
No, this is not a book about learning hacks for computers. I understand the name can be kind of confusing because of the way our brains are trained. "Learning Hacks" is a book about developing your learning skills and following certain rules to increase learning productivity as efficiently as possible. Instead of learning how to hack computers, you can learn how to hack your mind.
What are learning hacks?
Learning hacks are a strategic set of methods used to put things in order and manage activities designed to help your brain learn more efficiently. Learning hacks can be applied to almost anything and they are somewhat similar to life hacks as they both similar methods to make life easier. But, Learning hacks are specifically focused on things that can assist with the learning process. Learning hacks can not only be used at school, but it can be utilized at work, church, home, the outside world, or anywhere for that matter. Learning hacks are designed for students, working professionals, elders, kids, and just regular people who want benefit from them. Keep on reading to learn more about these hacks right now.
30 Minutes
My teacher told me that if I studied hard for 30 minutes a day nonstop, that I would learn more during that time than sitting in a classroom for hours. He said that your brain is really attentive while studying for the first 30 minutes and then after that your brain starts to decrease in retention. Everything else becomes mumbo jumbo after 2…

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