A Board Game Based On The Theme Of Happiness Essay example

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For the Multimedia Project, I chose to do a board game based on the theme of Happiness. I chose to a board game because I enjoy playing board games myself. Also, drawing has always been my extracurricular passion. Last but not the least, I feel I have learned a lot about happiness this term and I hope I can share what I have learned in a fun, accessible way.
The message that I am trying to get across lies in the rules of the game, where people need to have to take the right actions and improve their weaknesses in different aspects of their lives in order to be happy. There are four tracks representing four keys to happiness: Gratitude, Compassion, Cheerfulness, and Mindfulness; players have to complete all four to win. I chose these four elements because they are the four most important takeaways from Rubin’s book. I want the convey the idea that to be happy, people have to be grateful for what we have, care about those around us, appear happy, and be aware of their body and their surroundings.
At the start of the game, every player will be randomly assigned a Weakness card, which needs to be gotten rid of before they win. On each track, there will be different types of spaces like Fate, Knowledge, Self ­improvement, and Action; some of them, like Fate, may depend on luck, the others on the players’ choices and actions. For instance, on Action spaces, the players will be presented with a scenario and asked what action he or she would take. When the player chooses right, he…

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