Essay on A Blessing Of Foster Care

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A Blessing
“You were born with the ability to change someone’s life. Don’t ever waste it.”
Everyone know about foster care but do not realize the impact it has on humans lives. “More than 400,000 children are placed in foster care annually, with more than 200,000 moving in and out of foster homes in give year” (Brozak, 1). Foster care changes and benefits people lives, from the child to the parent. By foster care you save more lives than just the foster child. Although, foster parenting is not without challenges it provides numerous advantages. Having foster children in your home is a blessing to the child, foster parents, and birth parents.

Foster children grow as an individual though foster care. They become resilient by surviving day to day. Foster children become strong, self-reliant, determined, and improve academically (Foster Care, 2). The foster child become strong, self-reliant, and determined because they feel all they have is themselves. When moving into a foster home they see people are trying to help them. the foster kids tend to feed off the help they are receiving. The foster child strives to get better day by day because they see that people are they to help them along the way and care about them. Along the way they pick up self- reliant and become strong. They see their strengths and grow on them. Throughout foster care they become determined. These strengths carry to the classroom and they began to improve academically. When a child is…

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