A Blast From The Past Of Education: A Blast From The Past In Education

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Gema Serna
Professor E. Buchanan
English 73X TH PM
19 September 2016
A Blast From The Past In Education Education can be challenging, but as for others it can be quite intriguing. Learning new materials every day for myself, made it hard for me to comprehend everything all at once. Carol S. Dweck, author of Brainology agrees when he states “Different beliefs, or mindsets, create different psychological worlds: one in which students are afraid of challenges and devastated by setbacks” (1). I was afraid of the new challenges school had to offer, because teachers made me feel like a failure. While other teachers helped me overcome setbacks, by recreating my beliefs and mindset. All I knew was I needed to cultivate my understanding into something
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Flores was determined to recreate my self-esteem in English writing into something better. She pushed on achieving some of the best grades I can receive in my English writing class. Rebecca Cox, author of The College Fear Factor, points out “Many students who seriously doubted their ability to succeed, however, were anxiously waiting for their shortcomings to be exposed” (25). In other words, Cox believes students are waiting for teachers or professors to expose their failures, so it gives them a reason to give up. In which I strongly agreed with. Every time I had a writing assignment due, I always waited for the teacher to respond back to my assignment with negativity, because I didn’t think my work was good enough. In other words, I just wanted an excuse to give up on myself, but in this case I was wrong because not all teachers are the same. When Mrs. Flores would return assignments to the students, she would inform me that my assignments were improving. She made sure she would give me feedback on specific parts in which I struggled with. Having her as an English teacher was a good experience, because at the ending other school year I had fully developed a growth mindset in English writing. And now, I can fully say that I completely understand the concept of having a fixed or growth …show more content…
I wish to stay focus and do everything that’s in my hands to accomplish my goal. Attending Porterville College is extremely different from a high school environment. In high school you have teachers constantly reminding you to turn in your assignments, when assignments are due when test are going to be given. While in college, professors don’t remind you when work is due. It’s not that professors don’t care, it’s simply a matter of being responsible. For example, Melanie and I thought the same about high school and college. “I never realized how fast college would be comparing one year of high school with one semester of college. It’s really fast pacing.” (24) (Cox) College and high school are far from being the

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