Essay on A Black And The Search For Black Identity

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Author and cultural critic Touré discuss what it signifies to be post-black and the search for black identity in this day in age in Who’s Afraid of Post-Blackness. Before this video, I only knew Touré as a host on BET and I assumed that I would not have anything in common with him based on his past discussion on BET. After the watching the video I began to understand that even though we grew up in different eras, we still were taught the same lessons from our parents and experienced some of the same things regarding racial issues, fitting in white or black people, and re-thinking who you are in the black culture. Touré informed us about things I have never thought about such as the term micro-aggression. For example, because I am black I am supposed to listen to certain types of music, but when people hear me listen to a group Mumford and Sons, who are a British rock band who makes folk rock music people think it’s weird that I listen to music that is so far from Hip-Hop music.
Touré is trying to enlighten us about the new forms of racism that we encounter today but are unware of them. The new forms of racism mainly include micro-aggression. It is highly important to beware of the new forms of racism so other people won’t be able to take away what makes who you are and they won’t get that satisfaction that there were right about you. In Touré speech he discussed how people expect certain races to behave in a certain way, and then try to prove to them that those assumptions…

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