A Biography On Bill Clinton Essay example

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The book titled, “First in His Class, a Biography on Bill Clinton” was written by David Maraniss and published in 1995. Mr.Maraniss is on the national staff at The Washington Post, and his publishing’s won him the Pulitzer Prize in 1993. The book begins with the birth of Clinton and transpires in a chronological way covering Bill’s rise to the White House and how he specifically was able to triumph his way to becoming the first Baby Boomer as president. The book does not cite a lot of references but does include specific details and a plentiful of information regarding the days of Bill Clinton and how he spent them.
Bill Clinton was born as William Jefferson Blythe III on August 19, 1946, in Hope, Arkansas. He was an only child, and his parents were Virginia Cassidy Blythe and William Jefferson Blythe Jr. Clinton never knew his father because he died three months prior to his son’s birth. Yet in 1950, his mother remarried to Roger Clinton Sr. and moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas where he gained a sibling named Roger Clinton Jr. While in High School Clinton learned to play the saxophone and was a student leader in the American Legion Boys’ Nation program that gave him the opportunity to shake hands with John Kennedy. This event helped ignite Clinton’s appeal for public service. But before his adventures in the public, Clinton graduated from High School in 1964, earned a degree from Georgetown University in 1968, attended Oxford University, and finally received a degree from…

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