A Bilingual Child By Richard Rodriguez Essay

838 Words Sep 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
Language plays a big part of our lives, having a lasting fact about us. When speaking a certain language, it can shape our identity. Having an accent will give people the perception that you’re not around from that area, city-state country. Language can have many effects on our personalities. Our language speaks volumes about our identity. Both Amy Tan’s “Mother Tongue” and Richard Rodriguez “Memoir of a Bilingual Child” are great examples of how the language you speak shape our identity. Amy Tan and Richard Rodriguez have very similar outlooks on how speaking certain languages can shape our identity, and give people certain perception of us. The language we speak has an impact on our outlook on subjects, interactions, and the behavior we have as a culture. Richard Rodriguez gives a great number of instances where a bilingual, Hispanic kid in American society facing judgement because of the language he speaks. Rodriguez was in class with children of high-class lawyers and doctors, and because they spoke English. Nevertheless, because of Richard lack of English speaking capability he felt out of place. Richard shows that since he wasn’t capable of speaking English the he was leaving and his personality was sad and really much of himself because he felt out of place. Since Richard English speaking skills was not strong he tries as much as he could to express his self but he was limited. Richard Father was of Hispanic descent and his language shaped…

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