Essay about A Big Change Of My Life

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A big change in my life was me moving from a city where I was raised to a small town where I have never lived before besides when I was a baby. I had lived in California since I was a baby, I grew up in California. In California is were I was raised, it was a big city with many different towns that were only like ten to fifteen minutes away. I had fit so good there, I had my family and my friends that I grew up with and even a sport I was actually good at that I played in since I was 4 years old. Well my older sister Courtney had gotten far behind in school because she made tons of mistakes, mind you my grandparents and very little of my dad’s side of the family live in Worland Wyoming, well my dad had gotten the idea to try out on moving to Worland to see if my sister had a bigger chance of graduating and then he also wanted to be a fire fighter for Worland since he already had experience with it when I was a baby. This move made a big change in my life because then I moved away from my friends and family and that’s what got me the most. Softball, I played it since I was 4 years old and I was so good at it and Worland barley started that sport the year I moved here so it was not the same. Finally, my last thing was I was raised in a big city with several things to do, and then moving to a small town like nothing was pretty hard for me to do.
I had grew up with a lot of kids, and we all went to school together and then the one thing that would have changed if I did not move…

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