A Big Car: The Dodge Challenger

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The Dodge Challenger was first a pony car in 1970 through 1974. The Dodge Challenger is an 808hp muscle car. However, the Dodge Challenger falls below all the sports car rankings. I although favor this car in so many ways it might be a big car, but I love the sleek boy and big back. I find that it attracts people because it's more a show car. The Dodge Challenger has the best quality features in my opinion. The main ideas I will cover in this essay are the car's performance, experience, and features. The Dodge Challenger is built on 47 years of muscle car heritage. The performance of Dodge Challenger depends on the model you choose. There are supercharged V8 engines, 392 Hemi V8 engines, 5.7 Liter Hemi V8 engines, or a 3.6 Liter

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