A Biblical Worldview And Through The Foundation Of The Word Of God

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When considering Balswick and Balswick’s (2014) statement that we must “accept the evidence of biology and social science and then interpret those data in light of the biblical pronouncements”, I agree. We simply cannot reject the information that we have discovered thus far in the realm of science. The key is understanding what we discover through a biblical worldview and through the foundation of the Word of God. There are many aspects to life that we must excogitate simply because the Bible doesn’t specifically address them. In fact, the scriptures admonish us to “examine everything carefully” (1 Thessalonians 5:21, New American Standard Bible). Therefore, the key is finding out whether it conflicts with the realities presented in the Word of God.
Furthermore, when we examine the truths of God’s word against discoveries on gender, I have diagnosticated that there is much confusion. Sex, or biological gender as I understand it, is how we identify each other based on what we are physically born with. For example, are genitalia (males) or ovaries (female) present? How we choose to express ourselves, or what we personally believe that we are, can create a gender, which can be defined outside of purely physical attributes. Therefore, from a biological perspective, we can only glean a partial understanding of what a person’s gender might be.
In addition, I believe that sociological influences only partially influence a person’s gender. My interpretation, which is gleaned from…

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