Essay on A Better View : Philosophical Ethics

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Kendall Stimage
Professor Peterson Ethics
18 November 2016 A better view Philosophical ethics is often critiqued for its open-ended answers. Questions like” What is the meaning of life,”or “Does god exist?” These questions often draw different views from different thinkers. Nihilism would suggest that life is without objective meaning; Cyrenaics thought otherwise. Cyrenaics taught that the only real goal in life should be pleasure in the present, that people should do whatever makes them happy in the moment instead of planning for the future, which the end of is unknown. Does god exist? Many philosophers such as: Plato, Aristotle, and St Thomas Aquinas supported the Cosmological Argument. This argument details that something must have caused the universe to exist. The argument is presented on the idea that every event must have a cause in continuation. The reason why there is so many truths, is because what each person appeals identifies with different truths. People have different values and morals which in turn allow them to choose the truths that they identify with personally, mentally, and morally. What that in mind, what is the value of studying ethical theory, and does the study of ethical theory prove valuable for helping us to learn morally? The value of studying ethical theories can be summed up into three main points: principles, outcomes, and integrity. A principle is defined as the following: a rule that makes up the basis of something, a…

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