A Better Understanding Of Today 's Racial Inequality Essay

1138 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
To get a better understanding of today’s racial inequality, people may want to look at the past, reaching as far back as 1500 and 1600. This issue did not happen overnight but instead, evolved from the early settling of the Europeans. Firsthand accounts from times of exploration in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries suggest that rapidly expanding colonization played a key role (large or small, differing from one perspective to another) in people’s stereotypical ideas of skin color and race. Documents from the explorer Prince Henry “the Navigator” give us not just evidence of European stereotypes of other races, but also stereotypes towards Europeans from another race’s point of view. Bartolomé de la Casas’ accounts do suggest that while colonization did affect these ideas to an extent, it may have also led to some people’s tolerance and indifference towards races not of their own. However, there do exist numerous suggestions that give different ideas linking racism and early colonization. Bartolomé de Las Casas was a man devoted to raising awareness to the cruel treatment of Indian slaves, even defending their rights in court . In his account, de Las Casas describes the cruel scenes he encountered in the land of Hispaniola. Once on the Indians’ turf, the Christians were said to have eaten the Indians’ food, beaten and attacked the Indians for no reason, and assaulted the Indian ruler’s wife . All of these unprovoked acts contributed to the loathing of the Christians by…

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