Essay on A Better Understanding Of The On Going Crises

1413 Words Apr 17th, 2016 6 Pages
How does one develop a better understanding of the on-going crises in Ukraine? Some theorists believe that over the last two centuries, Realism and Liberalism have been the two most important paradigms of International Relations. They have accounted for much of what has taken place in the world. Continuing to offer provisions of state behavior, and pose queries; that perhaps it is possible for there to be peace in-between nation states. While both approaches to the understanding of the on-going crisis in Ukraine are undeniably different, surprisingly they have similarities. Examining the different approaches and theories will enable one to form a better perspective on the crisis and adopt which approach is more beneficial. This essay will elaborate on the probabilities for peace in the international system, and compare and contrast which out of the two approaches might be of use to understand the predicament. After concisely outlining key variables and giving an historical account on Liberal and Realist perspectives, different approaches towards the crisis will be given. The ideas presented will help to support and illustrate the theoretical positions implemented in the second half of this essay.

From creating theories and using different models, international relations constructs simple concepts to show how the world truly works. The similarities between the two main theories enable a less complex explanation of international relations. Both the Liberalism theory and the…

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