A Better Understanding Of Professional Athletes Essay

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To help achieve a better understanding of how comparable professional athletes are in their respective sports, looking at the top 100 earners in each sport will help. The MLB dominates other sports in average salary for the top 100 earners with 16.4 million dollars. Although the MLB has the highest average salary for the top 100 earners in the sport, they are being undervalued. “On average, teams are undervaluing players by 357,836.64” (Pearce). Since athletes in baseball seem to make the most on average, franchises can get away with not paying an athlete what they are actually worth. Next comes the NBA with their top 100 earners earning an average salary of 11.9 million dollars followed by the NFL with 8.9 million dollars. However, with the bonuses and incentives being more valued in the NFL, that is not fair to compare the NFL with other sports leagues just on the basis of base salary. With incentives and bonuses, the NFL average salary for the top 100 earners is 12.7 million dollars (Gaines). The size of the roster in each professional sport plays a large role in the discrepancy of salaries among professional athletes in their sports.
The MLB outshines the other leagues in terms of average salary per player when viewing how much the top 100 earn in their respective sports, and it makes sense. Unlike the other sports leagues, baseball has no salary cap (Hills and Gregory, pg. 1). A salary cap can be defined as “a league mandated maximum dollar amount an individual team…

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