A Better Understanding Of Global Warming Essay

1360 Words Dec 9th, 2014 6 Pages
In order to have a better understanding of Global Warming it is crucial to have a clear perspective of how it is affecting society and our planet today. Rainstorms, droughts, record high temperatures, the significant melting of ice glaciers and lastly the rising of sea levels are just some effects that have become increasingly prevailing in our day to day lives. Heat waves amongst precipitation under global warming are major threats to human and animal health and safety. The ongoing days of drought and precipitation changing patterns can be the origin to a devastating forest fire, later leading to animal death, shortage of food and no ecosystem for many wildlife inhabitants. Moreover, the continuation of warmer atmospheric temperatures, holding moisture, is a leading cause for sever rainfall and flooding; causing sea levels to rise higher and higher, threatening the life of salt-life organisms. Not to mention, creating higher risks for tropical hurricanes and coastal flooding. What about the shrinking of ice glaciers in the Arctic, is this something we should worry about? Most definitely! Hundreds of arctic natives will be left without a home, villages will be swamped if glacier melting continues; let alone, this can be the end of years and years of hunting as a means for survival. You may ask yourself, but why? Well as the sun emits its energy waves they are directly reflected onto the gleaming ice, which then reflects energy back into the atmosphere and lastly, leading…

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